“I think they’re going to feel very lost, because they are largely addicted to [Trump] at this point and that sense of chaos,” said Ariana Pekary, who left MSNBC in July after a nearly seven-year career that included serving as a producer for Lawrence O’Donnell’s evening show.

A former CNN anchor argued that after years of the network challenging Trump, “a Biden win could have a devastating impact on their bottom line.”…

An MSNBC insider also expressed confidence that a Biden presidency would keep the network’s journalists and commentators busy, mentioning the pandemic, racial justice and a potentially dicey transfer of political power as key issues.

Andrew Tyndall, a television industry analyst, said that viewer interest in the pandemic could initially obscure a ratings drop that might come from the Trump-to-Biden transition. “That’s not going to change in the medium term, whatever the result of the election is,” he said.