Riggleman also took aim at General Services Administration head Emily Murphy for waiting three weeks to authorize Biden’s transition into government, stating “she should’ve done this well before she did it” and chalking the delay up to “fear of losing your tribe,” adding, “I’m so damn sick of it. I’m sick of it.”

Riggleman was even harsher toward colleagues who are “true believers” of Trump’s unfounded claims of widespread election fraud, asserting it “really speaks to where your intelligence level is… to believe in that type of operation.”…

On Trump, Riggleman spoke with surprising candor for a Republican official, calling the president “irresponsible” for “embracing theories and groups that are dehumanizing and have an anti-Semitic base” and “groups that are just anti-American,” specifically pointing to his retweets of QAnon.

“He got so desperate to retain power that he forgot he was serving people and not himself,” Riggleman said of Trump, claiming he has “never served anything but himself, when you talk about his businesses and what he’s done.”