There is no good reason for the Republican Party to be held hostage to this House of Borgiaesque family’s fortunes any longer. If anything, what the Trumps suggest regarding 2024 is a role similar to that of the Clintons within the Democratic Party: Despite criminal misconduct, the disgrace of impeachment, and a loss at the polls, they feel entitled to outsize voices within that party, right down through their children. Basta.

Potential 2024 GOP presidential candidates should seek separation from, not identification with, the past four years. There are successful GOP governors unsullied by party-line congressional votes to refuse to indict or convict Trump. There are retired generals and flag officers, such as my commander on my second Afghanistan tour, Adm. William McRaven, who are publicly dipping their toes into political waters.

Look to these kinds of high-character men and women as promising future party leaders, not those who, as a dog returns to its vomit, repeat the folly of excusing every malignant utterance of Trump.