“Hosts will scream ‘socialism,’ tell its minority viewers that Biden’s policies are bad for them, and they will further push the narrative that it’s Kamala Harris viewers should be scared of, since she’s the actual president behind the scenes, according to their narrative,” said a longtime Fox News staffer, one of four who spoke to The Daily Beast on condition of anonymity in order to protect their jobs. “I believe it will be a resistance network if Biden wins, because being in the opposition is good for business.”

A second staffer predicted that in the event of a Biden presidency, Fox News’ programming “will be a black hole where news dies and conspiracy theories and opinions reign supreme.” (Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo has already plunged into these dark and turbid waters.) The Fox employee continued: “They will highlight any issue that the economy has and blame it on Biden. Every news item that can be ‘spun’ to make Biden look bad will be magnified. Trump and his cabinet will likely have ‘contributor’ titles by the time Biden is sworn in.”

A third Fox News staffer said: “Many of Fox’s viewers have been Trump supporters, and particularly in the first months of a potential Biden administration, I believe they will be pushing the same narrative they have pushed throughout the entire election period. For years, programming hammered on Clinton’s emails, and I think the Hunter Biden debacle will be the same way.”