Trump would probably still be talking about the Democrats’ dubious attempt to remove him by impeachment. That was a major news event in February and one that makes Trump’s opponents look silly. It feels like a century ago now.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, would be far more exposed. His physical and mental frailties would be much more obvious to all voters because he simply would have had to campaign more than he has. Most of the media would still be boosting him, of course, but it would have proved harder for the pundits to gloss over Biden’s glaring flaws. The media might have had to take the Hunter Biden laptop story more seriously — or at least speculate a bit more as to whether it was true — simply because there wasn’t much else to talk about.

The Trump exhaustion factor — the factor that will probably win the election for Biden tomorrow — would not be as potent. The American people would be thinking about more conventional election questions. Who do I trust on the economy? Who has better ideas for improving education? Who loves America more?