If ever there was a glaring indication that your presidency’s hit the rocks it was the comically absurd spectacle of Giuliani spewing uncorroborated nonsense about ‘Democrat cheating’ from outside an anonymous warehouse with broken windows situated between a porn shop and a crematorium.

Mad-dog Rudy was right about one thing though: democracy IS under attack – but from the likes of HIM and YOU, not the Democrats.

This election wasn’t stolen from you, any more than Hillary Clinton’s election was stolen from her four years ago.

Remember that?

Remember how rightly outraged you were that she and the Democrats told the world your win was a fake, a fraud, a Russian-orchestrated deceit on the American people?

Yet here you are doing exactly the same thing, only it’s much worse because you’re the incumbent president refusing to accept defeat when you’ve lost.

And if you don’t concede in the time-honoured convention at such a moment, then you will cause enormous damage to America’s reputation for upholding the values of democracy – and send a message to the world that it’s now a behaving like a totalitarian state.