It turns out that minorities aren’t so infatuated with the brand of unrepentant progressive “woke-ism” now peddled by the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wing of the Democratic Party. The political, legal, media, corporate and academic establishments have gone all-in on the woke agenda, peddling a toxic brew of intersectionality, socialism lite and Black Lives Matter anarchism. Latinos and many blacks aren’t buying it. As one Twitter wit quipped, Democrats may have won the “Latinx vote,” but they didn’t fare well with actual Latinos.

The cognitive dissonance on the part of our bicoastal ruling class is, and will be over the ensuing months, astonishing. The ruling elite is incapable of processing the notion that the MAGA hat-clad Bad Orange Man is not, in fact, an avatar for racist whites and a harbinger of impending fascism.

“Racism is Trump’s brand — but he outperformed the polls in large part with Hispanic and some black votes,” noted The New York Times’ Paul Krugman — apparently incapable of processing the possibility that racism isn’t, in fact, Trump’s brand.

Similar lamentations are ubiquitous among the blue-checked Twitterati. Many have taken to ­rationalizing the Latino shift by ­asserting that recent immigrants from Latin America secretly pine for a caudillo-style “strong man” — a laughable and intellectually dishonest exercise in denialism.