I drove this weekend through Westchester County, N.Y., and Fairfield County, Conn. These are some of the richest ZIP Codes in the country. I saw nothing but Biden-Harris and Black Lives Matter signs from Chappaqua to Ridgefield. In the considerably less affluent neighborhoods of the northern Bronx and Yonkers fly a fair number of Trump flags.

It doesn’t compute. Immigrants for Trump? Rich people for higher taxes? How can it be? Everything is possible in America.

One thing you can say for sure is that our politics are a mess. Everyone’s trying to make sense of things the best they can. Some vote their pocketbook. Some vote their conscience. Some vote for the candidate. Some vote against him.

Can you imagine being friends with someone who votes for the other guy? Could you stomach a Thanksgiving dinner at the same table? I fear that, for too many Americans, the answer to these questions is no.