For five years, Trump has been subjected to a daily barrage of attacks branding him as a racist. Democrats ran heavily against his immigration stances, and the media tried to tie him to white supremacists. And yet, instead of seeing his share of the nonwhite vote dwindle, it increased.

Politics occurs at the margins. Trump’s improved performance with key Democratic constituencies has surely kept him competitive. In several of the key swing states, Democratic chances hinge on their ability to pile on votes from nonwhites, and they did not get the margins they wanted. And this all happened in spite of this summer’s wokeness marathon, which, in hindsight, appears to be mostly a media creation and not something sincerely felt by members of racial minorities.

Biden went out of his way to announce that he would pick a black female to be his running mate. Yet not only did Trump increase his performance among black males (from 13% to 18%) but also among black women (from 4% to 8%).

This also did not happen by accident. To his credit, Trump made a concerted effort to peel off black voters. He touted his record on criminal justice reform and funding of historically black colleges and universities.