The presentation matched President Trump’s focus on these cities, with the combined message being clear: This alleged fraud was concentrated in heavily Democratic urban areas.

The reality of what tipped the election, though, is far different. The biggest swings, in fact, were not in urban areas but decidedly in suburban ones.

The Washington Post’s Philip Bump has a great new interactive map showing how votes shifted between the 2016 election and last week’s vote. As he notes, the biggest average shift was in suburban counties, which went 2.3 points more Democratic than in 2016, vs. urban ones that shifted 1.7 points in the blue direction. (Rural counties shifted just less than a point toward Trump.)

The map allows you to sort by suburban and urban counties, showing you how big the shift was in each category. And as you’ll see if you play around with it, the suburban edge was particularly pronounced in some key states.