For the media establishment that spent the last year and a half resolutely ignoring Biden’s long history of lying, bad judgment and allowing close relatives to sell his name to questionable foreign entities, not to mention his creeptastic behavior around women and little girls, President Biden presents a couple of problems.

One: Biden was a senator starting when Nixon was still president and is well-liked by that institution. It’s said that Biden is even pals with Mitch McConnell, and though the press can forgive Uncle Joe’s history of being palsy-walsy with fellow Democrat and onetime Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan Robert Byrd, it can’t abide the idea of Biden working with a guy who shepherded Amy Coney Barrett onto the Supreme Court.

The minute Biden starts to signal that he has any interest whatsoever in finding common ground with Senate Republicans (especially if the GOP should be reduced to even a large minority of, say, 49 seats), the media will stop acting like his white-glove concierge service and more like spoiled Oberlin students presenting lists of demands to the befuddled old president.

Two: No matter what Biden does to steer the country to the left, the media will be daydreaming about how Kamala Harris would lean so much harder on the tiller. Suddenly, Biden’s brain freezes and mangled sentences will no longer be innocent “gaffes” but signs of incipient dementia. Doesn’t the 25th Amendment call for the president’s removal if he can’t cut it anymore? Maybe Biden, having achieved his life’s goal, should quickly step down for everyone’s sake, the media will suggest. Maybe The Washington Post will even decide the Biden family buckraking is actually worth looking into — and that it’s impeachable.