Gov. Cuomo, meanwhile, keeps suggesting schools are a giant danger. In August he said if he had school-age children, he wouldn’t send them back. This month, he closed schools in areas with slightly elevated COVID infection rates.

“The schools are important, because you will very often see the schools be a place of transmission,” Dr. Cuomo lectured.

That’s a lie: Read the Times. Read the Journal. Schools are not major sources of COVID spread.

Besides, if kids are such superspreaders, why did Cuomo put them last on his vaccination schedule for New York? Doesn’t he want to stop transmission?

Fact is, our political leaders, in New York and elsewhere, appear to have made the calculation that, amid COVID, education is just not that important. But how long can families go with kids at home and inferior instruction? Why are we waiting for a vaccine, when we don’t know when it’ll arrive or how effective it’ll be?