It doesn’t seem to have occurred to the Biden campaign and their friends in the media that attacking Black men who think for themselves isn’t the best way to “woo” them. We all know how Kanye West was slandered after he met with the president. Now Ice Cube is under fire for working with the Trump administration on the “Platinum Plan to Help Black Americans.” The usual suspects have denounced him as a sellout or worse. As Erika D. Smith snarls in the Los Angeles Times, “Being a sellout implies getting something in return. The unfortunate reality is that Ice Cube is just getting used.” Smith is clearly in a snit about the following:

“Several recent polls have found that Trump actually has more support from Black men now than he did in 2016 — 17% compared to the previous 14%, according to a survey of likely voters by Nationscape. The Pew Research Center also found that Black men are less likely than Black women to identify as Democrats.… This is as much the fault of the Democratic Party for taking Black men for granted as it is Black men for not staying engaged in politics enough to influence the party’s policies.”

It obviously never occurs to her that perhaps Ice Cube knows something that she doesn’t. Presumably, it would come as a surprise that Biden is doing even worse among Hispanic voters. One recent poll showed his support among that crucial voting bloc below 50 percent. Again, that’s far worse than Hillary Clinton’s dismal 2016 showing. If his support among Hispanics comes in that low, he has essentially no chance of winning battleground states like Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina.