Let me offer a few more flashbulb glimpses of the state of the GOP today. A quick glance at the Trump fans who gathered outside Walter Reed Hospital over the weekend revealed one holding a sign mentioning QAnon (there may well have been others), and another with a placard cheerily emblazoned “Super-spreader event.”

Flash: Greg Abbott, Republican governor of Texas, apparently repenting of several common sense measures to cope with coronavirus like expanding early voting, mandating masks in some places, and closing businesses, has now announced that he will limit the number of ballot drop boxes to one per county. Texas has 254 counties with an average of about 114,000 people in each. But, of course, they vary in size. The single ballot drop box in Loving County will only have to handle the county’s 169 residents. The box in Harris County, home to Houston, will have to accommodate 4.7 million. They better get a big box. And by the way, if Republicans in Texas are worried about too many people voting, it doesn’t bode well for the GOP nationally.

Flash: Sen. Ron Johnson, who has tested positive for coronavirus (along with Sens. Mike Lee and Thom Tillis), said he remains opposed to mask mandates because “while masks can reduce the risk of infection, they’re not a cure-all.” Also, he believes in “personal responsibility.” Ah, so presumably he should have some choice words for leaders like Donald Trump who fail to take responsibility for their actions and worse, heap scorn on those who do? And, just asking questions, is Johnson also opposed to food safety mandates, because while they decrease the incidence of poisoning, they’re not a cure-all?

Flash: Sen. Pat Toomey, one of the last semi-sincere conservatives, bows out.