Yes, the New Yorker has suspended (but not fired) Toobin for the time being and CNN says he is taking “time off.” It is his American white privilege and his maleness that protects him from what in other countries has stiffer consequences.

According to News America, Haiti’s Consul to the Bahamas Karl-Henry Châtelier “was fired after a video allegedly of him masturbating surfaced on social media.”

In the Philippines, “Captain Jesus Estil of the Fatima Dos village council in the province of Cavite, appeared to be unaware that his camera was on,” and had sex with his secretary on camera during a virtual council meeting. He was fired.

In a virtual meeting about the “Rights of Children and Adolescents and was organized by the city council of the city of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil’s southeastern state of the same name. The staff member was seen sitting on a bed, naked, with a woman beside him. The couple began to get frisky, completely unaware that colleagues on the call were watching in horror.”