And covid hit the economy incredibly hard. The government mandated a shutdown of a large portion of the economy. It didn’t just happen. The government ordered it to happen. This kind of blow has never hit America before. Nevertheless, because of Mr. Trump’s stimulus in many different ways, and because of the incredible ingenuity of the corporations that handle electronic payments, retail sales are now, as of this writing, stronger than they were before covid struck.

Why isn’t this being treated as a miracle of economic policy ? Where is the record of the Democrats proposing anything better than what Mr. Trump and the free enterprise society have done? Where are the speeches of Mr. Biden and Mrs. Harris suggesting any better way of fighting covid or the effects of covid?

This is the media hate machine at work. The power they have over the society, over the voters, over the country, is horrifying. No one elected them. They are not representative of the ordinary American. They are an unaccountable New Class, right out of 20th century Soviet regimes.