Many of Trump’s officials, current and former, however, are acutely aware that a Hunter-based strategy may not be quite the right thing to bring the president over the finish line in 12 days. Still, several aides concede that the president is determined to make Hunter Biden a prominent part of his final argument.

Miles Taylor, a former top official in the Homeland Security Department under Trump who has since endorsed Biden, said the whole plot line “reeks to high hell.”

“First and foremost, the vice president’s got to be forceful in defending his son,” Taylor said in an interview. “He should be forceful in highlighting the lengths to which Trump and his associates will go to dig up dirt on political opponents, including tying this directly back to the president’s impeachment. And then, Joe Biden needs to turn the tables, because even if all of these allegations against Hunter Biden are true, they pale in comparison to the level of corruption we’ve seen this president and his family members engage in when it comes to dealing with foreign governments.”

“That’s where Biden’s got to go, is to say, ‘Who gives a shit about my son? Our sitting commander-in-chief was impeached for trying to collude with a foreign power to undermine me, Joe Biden, and to win this election,’” Taylor said.