Trump advisers say data from the rallies and fundraising indicate a late surge in support is again possible, despite polls that show the president trailing. “There are striking similarities to the president’s campaign in 2016 — a tight race, an enthusiasm advantage and clear momentum down the stretch for Donald Trump,” campaign manager Bill Stepien said between stops Saturday, as Trump attended three events. “It just feels right again.”…

In Trump’s tight circle, the priority is re-creating the campaign spirit that won Trump the White House in the first place. Large gatherings give Trump a personal morale boost; his aides have been joking on Air Force One about the relatively quiet optics of Biden’s drive-in events.

They also point to a $26 million fundraising haul this past week in a 24-hour period after the debate.

“In 2016, we saw a similar surge in grass-roots donations after the last debate,” said Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh. “The surge in grass-roots support has now happened, and last time was followed by movement in the polls.”