The Trump administration enacted a “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran by among other things: (i) terminating the nuclear deal that rewarded its terrorism with more than $150 billion, protected its nuclear program and legitimized its regime; (ii) sanctioning its financial institutions, business entities and leaders to cripple their funding sources; and (iii) “snapping back” the sanctions primed to sunset under the nuclear deal in order to further starve the regime of money and weapons. The Obama-Biden administration made the U.S. the world’s leading state sponsor of the world’s leading state sponsor of jihad via the Iran nuclear deal—the centerpiece of the plan to make it the Middle East’s hegemon—thus undermining the American national interest, posing an existential threat to our closest regional ally in Israel and threatening our other allies and partners in the Levant and beyond.

Relatedly, the Trump administration helped foster unprecedented peace agreements between Israel and Sunni Arab regimes as a bulwark against Iranian terror, and to reduce America’s obligations in the Middle East. The Obama-Biden administration put the screws to Israel to an unprecedented degree, and threatened the Sunni Arab regimes by seeking to empower Iran.

The Trump administration crushed the aforementioned Islamic State that arose during his predecessor’s tenure. The Obama-Biden administration dismissed it as the “JV team” and, when said “JV team” metastasized, failed to defeat it.