As much as we all like the idea of these unaccountable tyrants being brought up short by Congress, or by regulators now under our control, we should proceed with caution, especially when it comes to making Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other platforms liable for user content on their sites, which seems to be the direction the president and a few of his Republican congressional wingmen appear to be moving.

This would be a huge mistake. One more time…This would be a huge mistake. If we make the platforms responsible for user content, we will have just handed these Cyber CEO’s a more powerful weapon; a cudgel now backed up by an official regulation or statute handed down from Olympus/The Federal government.

We will have given them the best excuse possible to block whatever content they wish…Out of an abundance of caution and in willing compliance with what we believe is the government’s intent, we have blocked this content/account. Of course, once you’ve jumped through whatever hoops to get your content or account restored, no easy task for someone without the public notoriety of the president, its timeliness is long expired. Just what they want. We are 14 days from Election Day. A review process, especially if there is a backlog, can easily take 14 days. Like justice, truth delayed is truth denied.