At least 23 states have topped 2016 early-voting levels, including the presidential battleground states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan, according to data compiled by the Associated Press. Several other states, including Texas, North Carolina and Georgia, are on track to surpass their 2016 levels within days.

More than 53 million early ballots were cast across 47 states and the District of Columbia as of Friday. With approximately another week of early in-person voting left and many still voting absentee, the national total is likely to surpass the 2016 early-vote total of 58.8 million soon…

Ms. Dove, a Democrat, considered voting by mail, but she was worried her ballot wouldn’t be properly counted. Her chief impetus in voting was to get Mr. Trump out of office because she believed he was stirring up racist sentiment, she said.

“I don’t mind risking my life,” she said, referring to the possibility of contracting Covid-19. “That man has got to go.”