“We’ve been wanting to see this man act presidential for three years, and he hasn’t,” said another woman. “And we get a glimpse of it and it gives us hope.” The woman said that despite her unhappiness with Trump’s behavior, she trusts him to handle the economy.

“I honestly felt in this debate Donald Trump did seem much more presidential,” said a man. “Tonight he showed restraint in comparison to the first debate. And Joe Biden can’t give a straight answer. He was so elusive.”

Trump’s presidential behavior “meant something to me,” said another woman. “That is one of the reasons I have such reservations about pulling the lever for Donald Trump. He has been embarrassing — I haven’t been embarrassed by his policies, but embarrassed by what comes out of his mouth.”

“I just think that character has been the biggest thing that has held me back from voting for Donald Trump,” yet another woman said. “Tonight he showed me that he can behave in a way that is more presidential — and that will affect my decision going forward.”