Key Senate races are tightening as Nov. 3 approaches: Democrats enter the final stretch of the campaign with leads in Arizona, Colorado, Michigan and North Carolina, while Democrat Jaime Harrison has taken a narrow lead over Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. In Texas, GOP Sen. John Cornyn still leads Democrat MJ Hegar, though the senior senator’s edge in the contest has been almost cut in half since earlier this month. Read the story.

As the race enters crunch time, Trump fails to make up ground in key states: Since Morning Consult’s previous round of state-level polling (conducted Oct.2-11), the presidential race has not shifted outside the margin of error in a single battleground state. With less than two weeks before Election Day, the lack of movement presents a grave problem for President Trump, who is running out of time to make up ground in key states such as Pennsylvania, Florida and Wisconsin, the races most likely to tip the election. In nine of the 12 states tracked, the race has shifted slightly in Biden’s favor over the last 10 days, although each of those shifts is within the respective margin of error. View the data.

Most voters who went third party in 2016 are backing Biden over Trump this year: Daily tracking of likely voters conducted Oct. 16-18 found 53 percent of likely voters who opted for someone other than a major-party nominee in 2016 said they’re backing Biden in this year’s election, while 21 percent said they’re supporting Trump. Another 14 percent said they would vote for a third-party candidate again, while 12 percent are still undecided. Read the story.