During a tumultuous week that began with an acrimonious candidate debate on Tuesday, the President of the United States being diagnosed with COVID soon thereafter, though unclear when, followed by video of the President being flown to world-famous Walter Reed, followed by the President tweeting from and motorcading around the hospital, Democratic challenger Joe Biden appears to have gathered momentum, when interviews are analyzed by time-frame, according to up-to-the-minute SurveyUSA research conducted exclusively for Cheddar.

4 weeks till workers begin counting 150 million ballots, with millions of votes already cast, the contest is combustible and could flip, and then flip yet again, given scenarios both foreseeable and unimaginable. Of likely voters interviewed by SurveyUSA after Trump and Biden debated 09/29/2020 but before Trump had revealed his COVID diagnosis, Biden led Trump by 8 points, 51% to 43%. In the tiny window of time between when Trump acknowledged his illness but before he was hospitalized, Trump closed to within 4 points, Biden 50%, Trump 46. In interviews completed after Trump had been helicoptered to Bethesda, Biden appears to have consolidated support, leading by 16 points among likely voters interviewed most recently, 56% to 40%.