Jay Maynard, 60

2016: I am not one of Donald Trump’s fanboys. The choice was not cut and dry. What finally decided the question for me was Hillary Clinton’s hostility to the rule of law as exemplified by her behavior and her promise to select Supreme Court justices willing to overturn District of Columbia v. Heller and Citizens United. Taken together, those two things meant her election represented an existential threat to the Constitution, its design for our government, and the First and Second Amendment. I concluded our country would not survive a Clinton presidency. That meant she had to be stopped cold. The only way I had to push in that direction was to vote for Trump, so I did.

2020: In 2016, the choice was not cut and dried, but in the end, I held my nose and voted for Donald Trump. This time, I won’t be holding my nose. The Democrats have gone so far to the left that only full-on Marxists or Never Trumpers could support them. Joe Biden has clearly lost a step, and Kamala Harris will pull the country even further to the left than Barack Obama did. The Democrats’ pro forma denunciations of the rioting and looting committed in the name of Black Lives Matter and antifa ring very hollow. All in all, we need Donald Trump today worse than we did in 2016.