It’s probably unfair to claim that money is their sole motivation. After all, the ringleaders cash the big checks and the rest of the cruise ship crew gobble ramen or whatever other high-carb processed junk they can buy in bulk at Costco. Pride plays a big part in it. When the useless Bushes – properly prostrate Republicans of the old school – were in charge, Bill Kristol used to dial up the White House and his call went right through. Now the staffer working the phones takes a message and wonders why the funny man from City Slickers was calling the president.

It must be humiliating to one day have prestige and influence and the next be dancing on Twitter so libs toss you nickels. But then, there has always been a creepy undercurrent of submission and masochism associated with the Never Trump brand. There’s a huge ick factor when you see them eagerly repudiating everything they once said they believe in to score a slot on some unwatched MSNBCNN show with a host who is a potato. They actually seem to take a kinky delight in the abuse they invite, and some speculate that their strapping, sweaty domestic workers enjoy the fringe benefits of these weirdos’ bizarre lifestyle.

Of course, they treasure their dream of returning to glory in the wake of Grandfather Badfinger’s victory over Trump on November 3rd. They imagine they will get to share in the spoils of a Democrat one-party state. That’s funny. See, the liberals hate them as much as they hate us – maybe more. Human beings naturally hold traitors in contempt, and that’s what the Never Trumpers are.