Because Feinstein is an 87-year-old Democrat whose best days are behind her, the media have generally sided with her critics. If she were a member of the other party—the bad one, the “Tea Party” party—the media might be more sympathetic and eager to publish reports like this one, which is fake:

Hard-Left Democrats Lash Out at Female Colleague for Being ‘Too Nice’

Radical leftists continued to exert their influence on the Democratic Party by demanding the removal of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) as ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee…

The intraparty backlash against Feinstein is another example of how the politics of resentment, as opposed to ideological or policy disagreements, is fueling the radical left’s takeover of the Democratic Party. Feinstein’s biggest mistake, according to her critics, was not hating President Donald Trump enough. Or maybe it was simply because they don’t believe a woman should have so much power.