This time around, the “Hunter’s emails” narrative has mostly been trapped in the right-wing echo chamber, speaking to the already-converted.

“I’m sure Breitbart readers are very into this, but none of them are voting for Joe Biden to begin with,” Mellman said. “People who aren’t regular Breitbart readers don’t know and don’t care.”

There are plenty of external reasons for that. The Hunter Biden stories have been met with concerns about their veracity from the beginning, whereas there was never doubt over whether Clinton did, in fact, use a private email server during her tenure atop the State Department. As a result, most journalists have expressed more caution in their coverage…

The personal travails of Biden’s son are also not as widely known as the details of Clinton’s private email server, which were picked apart for years on Capitol Hill and in the press before the 2016 election even reached its peak.

And for all of Giuliani’s hype, the laptop’s contents do not conclusively show Joe Biden was acting corruptly, or interceding on behalf of his son, during his vice presidency.