Host Trace Gallagher noted that President Trump “was very effective four years ago in portraying the Clintons as corrupt” and asked Rove on Wednesday is it will “work this time around?”

In response, Rove pointed to a Washington Post op-ed written by former White House chief speechwriter Marc Thiessen in which Thiessen argued that President Trump “needs to stop talking about Hunter Biden” and “start winning over reluctant voters.”

“He argues the focus ought to be on the economy and the big contrast between the policy prescriptions of President Trump and those of Joe Biden and frankly I’m in agreement with him,” Rove, a Fox News contributor, said.

“We knew about Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and all their dealings and all the stinky stuff for years,” he continued. “We don’t have a similar picture about Joe Biden.”

Rove did, however, say, “We do know that Hunter Biden is a bad actor” and allegedly “used his father to make money with [Ukrainian energy firm] Burisma.”