Some South Carolina voters, like real estate agent Melinda Nicholson, are mystified by Graham moving from such a close friendship with McCain to his current friendship with Trump.

“I’m just not pleased,” Nicholson says of Graham. “It’s like he’s Trump’s minion, and I don’t like that.”…

Charleston attorney Andy Savage, who says his politics are mostly right in the middle and that he regular splits his ballot between Democratic and GOP candidates.

But one constant had been his unwavering support for Graham, as a voter and as a contributor. “Financially, we supported him,” Savage said. “You know, all the bumper stickers and all that sort of stuff in politics that you do. We were all in.”

Not this year. “We were always eyeball to eyeball on the issues,” he says, then the senator, “just veered off into Never Neverland.”