What she’s saying: “I know that when the policy platform was being put into place, a lot of our feedback was incorporated throughout his platform,” Omar said.

“In some spaces, it doesn’t go as far as, you know, I would like or Bernie [Sanders] would like. But we know that that responsiveness is a signal for us to do what we know how to do best as progressives, which is to push and to mobilize our base trying to accomplish these policy objectives.”

If Biden is elected, progressives will be pushing him on personnel in addition to policy. Omar said she would not be OK with Biden appointing any Republicans to his Cabinet — something he is reportedly considering.

“We do want a more unified country, and we do want a space where we can debate our policy differences but not see each other as the enemy,” she said. But she sees a danger if a Biden administration includes people who support “policies that are contrary to what the Democratic platform is.”