Dovere: Your fans have a habit of pointing out that some of what you were attacking Trump for in 2016 has since borne out to have some truth to it—the most recent example being what you said about his not paying income tax in one of the debates, which we now can see to be the case based on The New York Times’ exposé of his tax returns.

Clinton: I really did feel sometimes like the tree falling in the forest. I believed he was a puppet of Putin. I believed that there was relevant, important information in his tax returns. I believed he did not have the temperament to be president, he was unfit—not a partisan comment, but an assessment of him. And it was just really difficult to get the press to take any of that seriously. I can’t even imagine what would have been done to me if I’d never revealed my income-tax returns. I would have been hounded mercilessly. I can’t turn the clock back and really totally understand why none of it caught on. But I felt like I had a duty, and I kept raising it and pointing out what I thought of as his real dangers to our country. But even I didn’t know everything that was going on. And so it was kind of a revelation even to me to learn that, yeah—I was kind of picking up the signals. I had information—like any person who’s lived as long as I had—that if you don’t reveal your taxes, there’s got to be something you’re trying to hide, don’t you think? It was even worse than I thought it was.