The president’s campaign schedule in the final weeks is either a tacit acknowledgment that he’s on the brink of crushing losses in major battlegrounds and once-impenetrable red states, or an over cautious exercise in due-diligence — an effort to shore up support in GOP strongholds to prevent an electoral blowout, or a push to squeeze more from his base in a contest that may be won in the margins.

“I don’t think there’s any way Georgia goes to Biden, but there’s no reason for Trump not to come here. He doesn’t want to have a Wisconsin moment to look back on come Nov. 4,” said Seth Weathers, the former director of Trump’s Georgia campaign, citing one of the most common critiques of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 strategy — that she declined to visit the Badger State even once after securing the Democratic presidential nomination…

Over the weekend, Trump will hold events in Michigan, Wisconsin and Nevada, followed by back-to-back rallies in Arizona on Monday. Arizona has become a must-win for the president, who is poised to lose one or more of the Rust Belt states he carried four years ago, according to numerous polls. Without the Copper State, Trump’s campaign aides acknowledge that he would have to pick up Minnesota, which increasingly seems out of his reach, or a combination of states he lost in 2016 — such as New Hampshire and Nevada — to reach the 270 electoral votes needed to clinch a second term.

“I’ve never seen a Republican president with numbers like this in Arizona,” said a person close to the Trump campaign, describing the latest statewide polls as foreboding.