Four months ago, Sen. Sherrod Brown predicted Joe Biden will win Ohio and with it, the presidency in a romp. President Donald Trump has ticked up in the state’s polls, but Brown is undeterred.

“I feel stronger about that than I did then,” the Ohio Democrat said in an interview, touting his state’s party infrastructure. “This culture of corruption coupled with Trump’s betrayal of workers says we win Ohio. Win Ohio, we certainly win Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, right? … Ohio with those three is close to an Electoral College landslide and it will feel that way.”…

That’s not to say feeling upbeat comes naturally to Democrats. Or as Missouri Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleaver put it: “Every time I get too happy I slap myself and stick my hand over a fire.”

“I’m a nervous ninny,” Cleaver added. “I read the polls … but I’m scared to feel like we’re going to win because we’ve seen what happened in 2016.”