“Leave the crack and sex stuff to Rudy,” said one senior Trump campaign official.

Another top Trump 2020 adviser, as well as another source close to the president, agreed that it was politically wise to leave the personal attacks out of official messaging on the Hunter Biden allegations. The problem, they said, is that Giuliani not only doesn’t see the benefits of this strategy, but also has what is essentially carte blanche from the president himself to operate as he deems fit.

“Rudy is going to do his thing and there’s nothing we can do about it,” the person close to Trump characterized it…

“This is a guy who almost single-handedly got the president of the United States impeached,” said Brendan Buck, a former top Republican House aide. “He seems to live entirely in a fever swamp with no conception of how much damage he does to the president. It may well please hardcore Trump voters, but it continues to damage the demographics where the president has been hemorrhaging support. It’s also a hell of a gift to Biden to remind average people that he’s a loving father.”