Many people are too busy trying to manage work, raise their children well, be a neighbor and citizen in good standing, and keep their overall sanity to spend too much of their free time deciphering politicians’ gobbledygook.

Getting along with some of these folks comes more naturally than it does with others, because you grew up with them. You came from the same place, experienced some of the same problems, while also enjoying some of the same celebrations and other occasions. You simply engage them the way you did back then, when we were all more innocent before political BS engulfed us.

With other people, you seize on areas of common interest.

Invite them to concerts, or sporting events. Or just talk music or sports. If politics somehow comes up, meet it head-on; be honest and be an adult about it, and move along. They might have a take or reasoning on a topic that you haven’t entertained before.

The worst that can happen is you learn something new.