Accordingly, there are no “Biden Bros.” There is also no Bidenesque equivalent of QAnon, making up and spreading bizarre, ridiculous, and frightening stories that portray the Democratic nominee for president as a providential and messianic savior, secretly battling vile and barbaric foes engaged in committing unimaginably reprehensible crimes. While Trump supporters are willing to endanger themselves and others by flocking in a maskless and physically non-distanced fashion to campaign rallies that could prove to be COVID-19-superspreader events (even after the president himself tested positive for COVID-19), Biden supporters—who are at least as determined to oust Trump from the White House as Trump supporters are willing to give him four (or eight, or twelve) more years—refuse to endanger their health and lives, or the health and lives of those in their community, by turning Biden campaign events into opportunities for the coronavirus to do its worst.

And even if Biden supporters were willing to toss public health considerations to the side to show their devotion to the Democratic ticket, the Biden campaign wouldn’t let them do so. Speeches and events featuring Biden or Kamala Harris involve a small number of masked and physically distanced participants, in strict observance of public health guidelines. The Biden campaign has made clear that debates will either feature the strictest health precautions, or they won’t happen at all. Contrast this with Trump, who is more than glad to hold campaign events that endanger his fans and could pose a public health threat to the communities in which the events are located, and who continues to scorn the idea of wearing masks, notwithstanding his contraction of COVID-19. Biden and Harris don’t jeopardize the health and lives of others just so that they can jazz up a campaign event with images of vast throngs of supporters, and unless they are speaking at a socially distant podium, both make sure to model good behavior for the American people by wearing masks.