Even by post-Citizens United standards, it is an absurd, Scrooge McDuck-level haul. The Biden campaign could suspend fundraising entirely and drop more than $20 million a day, every day, until the election without bouncing a single check. But according to top-level donors and an ambitious schedule of upcoming fundraisers, there’s no plan to slow down—just in case the trove of “fuck you” money needs to become “see you in court” money.

According to fundraisers who spoke to The Daily Beast, the campaign is still leaning hard on its donor network, explicitly pointing ahead to its potential need to fund legal battles in multiple states following the election. The expectations on that network are high; according to a Biden Victory Fund calendar of events obtained by The Daily Beast, the campaign has 37 events planned from Oct. 17 through Oct. 24—nearly five a day, on average.

The rationale? In part, lingering anxieties that President Donald Trump will make good on his public statements implying that he may refuse to accept election results if he loses, which could trigger court fights in multiple states and appellate courts—the kind of legal battle that could get very expensive very quickly.