This tendency toward “anti-reporting” has long characterized Biden coverage. The New York Times took 19 days to cover Tara Reade’s sexual-assault allegation against him, not wanting to burden its readers with information about a newsworthy charge too quickly.

The media has dutifully pushed back against the idea that Biden wants to ban fracking, even though Biden himself has said at times that he wants to ban fracking. Any Biden misstep is quickly explained away. The press doesn’t seem to mind that the campaign is prone to declare “lids” — or the end of the candidate’s public day — early and often.

Why would the press want more access to a candidate it isn’t covering so much as carefully shielding from scrutiny with the finish line of Nov. 3 in sight?

Usually, the media loves candidates who make good copy, who provide drama and color. In its hatred and fear of President Donald Trump, though, it has thrown in its lot with the dull and meandering Joe Biden, bringing to the effort all the complacency and pointed incuriosity it can muster.