His rhetoric and leadership on the coronavirus have been insufficient. His briefings in the spring became arguments instead of models. He seemed more interested, at least with his words, in playing down the pandemic to bolster the economy. Rather than wear a mask and host socially distanced events, he set a bad standard. It is frustrating since the government, after a slow start notably with testing, which was not the fault of the president, has responded well to the coronavirus, sending plenty of doctors, nurses, medicine, and even hospital ships to those in need. But if I had to rate the response of the president, I would have to say it is unsatisfactory.

But Trump also has faced opponents like no other president. He has been resisted, blamed, investigated by Democrats, the media, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in the most unfair fashion I have seen. I strongly defended Trump against the charges of Russia collusion. I am glad I did. The charges as well as the willingness of his critics to bite on all alleged infractions, no matter how ludicrous, represent everything that is wrong with our politics today. I understand that many dislike the president, but his opponents managed to race to the bottom and found nothing.

When it comes to his behavior, I find him offensive and direct. Unlike most politicians, Trump lets it rip and just tells you what he will do, for better or worse. I faulted him for calling on Ukrainian authorities to investigate Joe Biden, but he was open over doing it. He thought it was the right thing to do. I did not. He calls people names, something I often find offensive, but do not think for a moment that leaders of Congress in both parties do not do similar things behind closed doors. Washington politicians know how to posture perfectly, and Trump does not bother to posture at all.