The widower of a onetime aide to Joe Scarborough, the former congressman turned MSNBC host, told Yahoo News in a series of emotional interviews that the conspiracy theories about the death of his wife — promoted by President Trump on Twitter and embraced by the devotees of the QAnon conspiracy cult — have caused “inhuman” pain and anguish for him and his late wife’s family.

“It got to the point that I literally could not stomach this,” T.J. Klausutis, an Air Force engineer, said in exclusive interviews for a new three-episode season of the Yahoo News podcast “Conspiracyland.” Titled “A Death in Florida,” the “Conspiracyland” series explores the circumstances surrounding the July 2001 death of Klausutis’s wife, Lori, and how they triggered nearly two decades of conspiracy theories, first pushed by liberal bloggers and more recently adopted and turbocharged by Trump and his allies.

“I’ll use the term ‘suffering,’ quite honestly,” Klausutis said about the impact of the steady barrage of social media postings, complete with malicious and demonstrably false claims, about what happened to his wife. “And nobody, and I mean nobody, should have to be used in such a fashion. … It’s just inhuman.”