“I was praying,” said Betty Rosales, who had been clutching her head as she looked onto the two jumbo screens on stage. “I expected it to be heated but not to the extent that it was. I’m disappointed as an American voter.”

Rosales told BuzzFeed News she loves the president and does hope he wins, but she thought “there were times he went overboard.”…

Some of the hundred or so stragglers who braved the chilly night said they didn’t learn anything new and some seemed annoyed at Biden’s suggestion that Trump was handed a good economy. But even those diehards, like Tim Pastula, 54, said the candidates “should stop interrupting each other.”

Paul Warne expressed the same sentiment.

“I knew that Trump would come out kind of bellicose and interrupting a lot,” Warne said. “We knew that going in. He didn’t surprise me there.”