For the sake of the judiciary — and of our nation — we cannot risk having Joe Biden pick our nation’s federal judges for the next four years.

The federal judiciary was designed by our Founding Fathers to render impartial decisions on what the Constitution allows the state and federal governments to do; it was designed as a check against encroachments on individual freedom and abuses of power by the legislative and executive branches of government. But, as we have increasingly seen over the last few decades, impartiality and deference to the Constitution among federal judges is ignored when Democrat presidents make appointments.

Joe Biden would stack the federal bench with activist judges who find reasons to rule in favor of their own dangerous vision for remaking our country, and those judges hand-picked by Joe Biden and his radical Democrat allies would threaten our fundamental American freedoms. They would abandon the principle of religious liberty, refuse to protect the lives of the unborn and systematically erode the right to keep and bear arms.