Democrats, you’ve got time to fix this. Between now and Tuesday night, ditch the script and cut the program by an hour. Just give the time back, if not in deed, then in spirit.

You are permitted three — just three! — montages to use in an hour. The rest is speeches.

This new flexibility in scheduling can give a heat-seeking missile like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez more than the 60 seconds she’s said to have been allotted to speak at the convention. A rousing AOC speech is sure to move the needle further than yet another unity video.

If you truly feel obligated to use the other allotted hour, dump the musical guests and the rest of the montages there. But let the viewers know it’s unessential and they can catch it on YouTube or something later. They’ll thank you for it.

It’s a show. Keep the show tight, and leave them wanting more.