But whom Biden selects is hugely important in my decision-making. There is, for example, a massive difference between Kamala Harris and Susan Rice. For me, it’s likely the difference between Biden getting my vote and writing someone else in. Harris would have my vote. Rice would not.

Not only do I need to know who Biden will pick, I need to know why. I need to know what he or she envisions for the country. His vice president will not just be a Biden rubber stamp, but a guiding force in his administration, and potentially his replacement. It won’t be enough to hear a boilerplate stump speech from his running mate. I need details.

With just under three months left until the election, time is of the essence. For moderates like me who are looking for reasons to vote for Biden, we need to know who’s on that ticket, and soon. I’m hoping, for the sake of the country, he chooses someone I can support.