He is trying to cheat his way out of this self-made dilemma by making it harder for the post office to process ballots on time. You’ve no doubt seen reports of mail boxes being removed from around the country, and high-speed mail sorting machines being removed from post offices as well. Asked about this Saturday, the president — associated with more than 20,000 false or misleading claims since taking office — said he didn’t know anything about it and told reporters to ask his new Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy.

DeJoy recently told the Postal Service’s Board of Governors that “the notion that I would ever make decisions concerning the Postal Service at the direction of the President, or anyone else in the Administration, is wholly off-base.”

But Trump has already spoken, and we can’t give DeJoy, his handpicked man, the benefit of the doubt. Yes, the Post Office is a bloated money pit and needs to innovate. But with 11 weeks to go in an important election — perhaps the most crucial since 1860, when Abraham Lincoln squeaked in with less than 40% of the vote — this isn’t the time. If Trump wanted to overhaul the post office, he could have done so in 2017-2018, when Republicans controlled both the House and Senate. Instead, he has decided that now is the time? No. Give the postal service what is needed to get through this election and then let’s revisit reform.