Now he’s going back to that same playbook. All you have to do is swap out “border” and “judges” with “suburbs” and “mayors.” Trump is even vowing to bring in the troops, this time in the form of sheriffs and law enforcement, whom he says he’ll send to polling locations. Gotta monitor those voting caravans!

As we near the last two months of the campaign, though, who are voters really afraid of? If Trump has it his way, every Fox News-watching grandma will be up all night shaking in her curlers that Booker and his Antifa buddies will break into her house, and she’ll have no one but the defunded police to call. We know that because the Trump campaign spent $18 million running that ad through the month of July.

For those of us outside of the Fox News bubble of doom, however, what’s more frightening? Trump—and his utter failure in containing the coronavirus, authoritarian response to summer protests, and continued reign of chaos—or Biden? One guy presided over the deaths of 176,000 Americans, killed the economy, and gassed peaceful protesters. The other guy’s main risk to our national security is that he gives his phone number out to random people too much.