I understand the burn-it-down impulse. There have been many moments when I’ve cursed every last Republican officeholder who has provided cover for the president and bemoaned their complicity in supporting Trump’s worst policies. I’ve carried on about their strategic silence during moments that called for principled rebellion.

But does that mean that I want a President Joe Biden to have a Democratic Senate? Absolutely not.

I’m a conservative, after all. I don’t — I can’t — support taxpayer-funded abortion, a diminution of religious liberty, and massive increases in entitlement spending. People who favor this agenda or think it worth tolerating are free to argue against this view. What strikes me as absurd is their saying that, on principle, I have to vote for people whose principles I don’t support.

My main objection to Trump is and always has been that he is unfit for the presidency. If Biden wins while Republicans retain control of the Senate, Trump will no longer disgrace the White House, and Biden will not have the ability to jam a liberal agenda through Congress. Never Trumpers ought to consider that outcome plenty to cheer.