“I handled it really poorly,” Kerr said. “I was frankly sort of tongue tied. I’m sitting there trying to figure out what I’m supposed to say to make sure I don’t put the league in jeopardy but also trying to find the right balance and I realize it was probably the one time over the years when I haven’t just spoken my heart and I sort of got caught in this political hail storm. It was very uncomfortable because it wasn’t a topic I was very comfortable with and the circumstances were really strange.

“I’ve learned of the last four years since I’ve been… [outspoken] the questions aren’t always easy. If you follow your gut and your heart, you generally just speak your truth and y0u’re going to feel good about it afterwards. That’s the one episode where I walked away shaking my head saying, ‘What the hell was that?'”

Kerr then was asked what he would do differently if given the chance.

“Well I would first of all back up Daryl,” he said. “I would just say Daryl, has a right, as an American, to free speech. He can say anything he wants and we should support him in that and that’s the main message. And then if you want to get into the depths of a really complex issue (chuckles) then you can have a conversation.”