Our mayor, sadly, is not cut from that cloth. An opportunist whose list of accomplishments wouldn’t fill up the skinny side of a nickel, Bill de Blasio isn’t the one to lead us. His aspiration now is to elevate his wife to Brooklyn Borough President, even though her first foray into running a city-funded organization, ThriveNYC, has proved she isn’t up to the task. The best thing the couple can do for our city is to join Altucher in Florida. Hopefully, Brooklyn will send them off with a Bronx cheer.

I agree with Altucher that New York’s problems are formidable. Soaring crime and budget deficits. The devastation of the media, hospitality and leisure industries, as well as the arts and cultural institutions, all of which drive tourism and support our tax base.

Perhaps worst of all is the Department of Homeless Services’ decision to house homeless adults in hotels built for tourists, without providing any of the social services needed to manage addictions and mental health problems, or basic hygiene. Mayor de Blasio’s destructive social policies are inflicting ruin on Midtown Manhattan and the Upper West Side. This must stop immediately.

Make no mistake, we have very tough times ahead. To solve them, those of us who stay have to work together in community and fellowship, guided by strong leadership. Fortunately, despite the Mayor’s campaign to destroy Manhattan, most other neighborhoods in the city are still active and intact.